Ultraskiff 360
The Ultraskiff 360 is the original, first and only practical, proven and patented design of a round boat. This small, lightweight, portable round watercraft is the perfect platform for fishermen, hunters, and pleasure boaters that sets new standards of safety, comfort, stability, versatility, transportability and fishability from a chair, casting stool or standing. This round boat is designed with a lower center of gravity by merging an outer deck with an inner hull for enhanced stability when sitting, standing up, or getting in and out of the boat. The Ultraskiff 360 has a patented detachable pedestal mount for easy access through the center hole. It is transportable by rolling the skiff like a wheel, sliding it on its bumper, or using a common hand truck. You can fit up to 2 in a pickup truck bed. The Ultraskiff 360 is great for everyone from recreational boaters to serious anglers and hunters. Click the link below for more details and specs.

      *** Call to Purchase ***            $1595.00

                              SALE Price  $1499.00

Ultraskiff Specs
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